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The first in a series of four interconnected EP releases, "A" blends songwriting, sound sculpture and musical minimalism.


April 13 - Montreal, QC (L'Orbite)
April 15 - Ottawa, ON (SAW Centre)
April 17 - Waterloo, ON (Emmanuel United)
April 19 - Toronto, ON (The Cameron House)
April 20 - Guelph, ON (10C)
April 21 - Toronto, ON (The Brockton)
April 26 - Halifax, NS (Mousetrap, Good Robot Brewing Co.)
April 27 - Truro, NS (Copper Collective)
May 4 - Charlottetown, PE (St. Paul's Church #ECMA2024 Showcase)

Details and tickets:

Produced by James Hill & Anne Janelle

Mixed by Graeme Campbell

Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering

Artwork by Aistis


Share your impressions

Champagne Weather is a new project and we are still learning how best to describe our music. As you listen, how does the music affect you? We'd love to hear your honest impressions.

Thank you for sharing your impressions, we really appreciate it.



Ambitious Debut from Folky Minimalists

Champagne Weather is making its recorded debut throughout 2024 with the release of “ADSR”, an ambitious collection of four interconnected EPs. ADSR, short for “Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release,” describes the shape of a sound from its beginning (attack) to its end (release).


More broadly, ADSR is the shape of life itself, from the onset of birth to the release of death, and reminds us that every sound we hear is a microcosm of our own journey. Fans of Laurie Anderson, Jane Siberry and Philip Glass will appreciate Champagne Weather’s genre-defying mix of songwriting and sound sculpture. 

"A," the first of the four EPs is now available on all streaming platforms and live videos of "I Will Live in the City if it Kills Me" and "Teenage Summer" are here. Coming soon: a series of podcast episodes that take listeners behind the music. The band has an Eastern-Canadian tour slated for spring 2024, official industry showcases as well as late-July bookings in the UK.


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